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About Doon Public School

The school aims to develop responsible global citizens and leaders

Mission, Vision and History

Simple living & High thinking is the ideal aimed at the institution

Message From Principal

“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Coming from the forces, fitness and ports will continue to be vital in my agenda”

Welcome to Doon Public School Mukerian

The school aims to develop responsible global citizens and leaders by providing a world-class international education, rooted in its heritage and values, for a diverse group of students, The School is an attempt to redefine schools and reinvent classrooms of the future. An initiative to groom leaders for the new socio-economic order of the Information Age, who while maintaining the perspective of world citizens, will not lose their quay in their rich cultural heritage.
The school has already carved its niche among the schools in and around the city of Hoshiarpur by adopting the latest technological aids and activity-oriented methodology to make learning comprehensive and easier. The school is spread over a lush green campus with thoughtfully planned, air-conditioned structure class rooms, play areas, and a variety of premium facilities. Individual attention is given to the pupils to turn out confident inspired individuals trained for leadership and for shouldering higher responsibilities in life.

DPS By Number

500 Students

20 Class Rooms

35 Staffs

Our Vision

Education is the right of every child. A child is born with hidden talents. There should be a Guruculum system of education where every child is accepted with every learning activity and where individual attention is given to every child on physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual which are the four pillars of Education.

Our Mission

Simple living & High thinking is the ideal aimed at the institution through the guiding principles of committed faculty members to provide a strong foundation for the child in the education to become a leader in the shifting and changing global arena to improve the reading and writing skills of rural children.

Our History

The School is situated in Hajipur, Mukerian. It was started in 2019 with only Pre-primary classes and having served the society for more than 3 years the institution affiliated to the CBSE. Doon Public School of this school has an independent block and large playgrounds. The school is promoting Indian Culture and heritage by cultivating moral values.

Principal Message Mr. YS. Ravi Kumar

It is a matter of great pride and honor for me to be assigned the task of heading an institute like Doon Public School, Hajipur. I take it as my foremost responsibility, to nurture the children their parents have entrusted our school with. To ensure holistic education to the students and to instill in them, the skills of life with an emphasis on values will remain to be my guidelines to follow. Teaching deserves to be the noblest and indispensable profession because every profession in the universe needs teachers. “Ones, who know, do. Ones, who understand, teach”. I am blessed to be one among the teachers and I shall do my best to justify the role and live up to this noblest profession.

DOON PUBLIC SCHOOL, HAJIPUR with its beautiful and serene location is the best geographical setting one can have for education. Located with a huge lush-green campus, the atmosphere in and around the school compliments the ambiance superbly. A combination of Indian culture and a progressive education to match global standards is the hallmark of the School-Live HAVANS, twice a week, performed by the incumbent students of our school, is an example of we carrying on the legacy of performing these pious rituals, needless to say, this: holy have been an integral part of Indian culture since times immemorial. A great fusion Loba education and respect for Indian values is DOON PUBLIC SCHOOL, and that exactly is how I shall strive to carry it further

Principal Mr. YS. Ravi Kumar

Our Teachers

Priya Bihal

Designation - Kindergarten Teacher.

Tejinderjeet Kaur

Designation - T.G.T English.

Kamaldeep Kaur

Designation Sr. Coordinator (TGT Computer).

Ekta Kumari

Designation - T.G.T Computer.

Manpreet Singh

Designation -P.E.T


Designation-TGT Science.


Designation - TGT Hindi


Designation-Art and Craft Teacher.